Why Home Office Chairs are so Expensive

Sometimes, in our busy schedules and the tons of work that we have to do in the office, it is unavoidable for us to bring home the work we do. For some of us, work is at home and a home office is indispensable. For those people with home offices who spend much time in working in their desks, you’ll most likely be found sitting on your home office chair whenever you work. Home office chairs are a very important part of a worker especially during those long sessions in front of the computer as well as the long thinking times, phone conversations, brainstorming and any other stuff that we might have to do while sitting.

Having said this, we know how important a home office chair is and how much time we spend sitting on it. It’s therefore no wonder most home office chairs cost a lot. Averaged sized home office chairs cost around $100 to $500. The higher priced ones for lavish executive office chairs. Although I doubt any average person would buy a home office chair for $5000, the lowest cost that is $100 is still a lot of money to pay for an office chair and I’m sure you’d want to know just why office chairs cost that much.

Home office chairs are especially designed and studied. Home office chairs aren’t just built and sold. There was a lot of research and testing before a certain model of home office chair reaches the market. This is especially true for those higher priced ones like Herman Miller, which take pride in making one of the most comfortable and ergonomic office chairs around.

But what is ergonomics and why do you hear it every time you’re buying office furniture? Ergonomics is the study of the spatial placement of objects for optimum efficiency. This is exactly what is implemented on the most expensive office chairs. This is applied in terms of making the home office chair that as comfortable and adjustable as can be.

Home office chairs cost so much because of the ergonomics put into the office chair before it was first released. Most ergonomic office chairs are designed for good lower back, or lumbar support, which is the part of the body that experiences the most pressure when we are sitting. The lower back supports half of the body and sitting down gives it more pressure standing up. Try sitting on a block of wood for 4 hours and I’ll bet you’ll be massaging that back of yours in no time. This is the special thing a bout ergonomic home office chairs, they provide good support.

And if you’ll look closely at the home office chairs that are sold today, you’ll find that most of them are adjustable, especially in terms of height. There was a time when there was just one office chair for everyone. Now home office chairs are designed to be adjustable to fit anyone who would use it which has enabled bulk buyers to buy the same design for different people. This concept is also applied in home office chairs, which are basically the same as a normal office chair.

So the next time you’re saying that home office chair is too expensive, ask yourself if you’d trade painless work hours for a slightly lighter wallet.

5 Gedanken zu „Why Home Office Chairs are so Expensive

  1. Jonathan Grand

    OK but where are reviews to normal-priced chairs? $50 good office chairs. Every review here is for chairs of price higher than $300. That’s absurd, nobody who cares about spending is going to buy overpriced mass-produced furniture.

  2. Ian

    The problem with the lower priced chairs is their durability over time. If you can manage, it’s definitely worth the money. But, their are tons of options out there. You can always go with a task chair for under $100. Check out CSNChairs.com. They have a really good selection. Good luck!

  3. Paul

    Jonathan, if you’re „forced“ to sit on a chair all day long (like most of us are) you better make sure it’s a quality chair and not some $50 „mass produced“ crap. If you work in an office, consider your office chair a tool. There’s a reason most professionals use pro tools to get their job done and not some cheapo crap imported from china or elsewhere.

  4. Home Interior

    Indeed, nothing can be compared with the loss of your health. If ergonomic office chairs are meant to maintain it for you, then don’t economize by sacrificing your health.

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