Safety and Comfort with Mesh Office Chairs

Did you know how serious is the government in imposing safety in the workplace? A concrete manifestation is the Recall made by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in September 2004 of the 18,000 units of Executive Office Chairs manufactured by Gruga, U.S.A. Manufacturers should be diligent in conforming to the ergonomic standards of comfort, safety, efficiency and productivity because this is a government requirement.

Safety and comfort of employees spell economic growth and the government is serious in imposing its safety rules and regulations. Comfort on the other hand helps employees to be productive thus progress is inevitable. Modern offices that use computer and other modern gadgets including video conferencing facility keeps the organization’s officers and employees seated for long hours. This may cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), back pains and lumbar strains.

In response to this, modern innovation in seating has introduced to the market, the Mesh Office Chairs. The Mesh office chairs are in contemporary designs that maintain comfort and quality. Mesh office chairs use mesh screen back. The mesh screen back supports the natural curve of the spine and increase breathability. You can move freely in a Mess office chair, which can minimize the risk of RSI.

Various office chair designers incorporate this unique concept of using mesh material, interwoven threads that allow air to pass through. Mesh office chairs are manifestation of the effectivity of the government’s standard of ergonomics. Mesh material used for the back of the chair prevents body heat and moisture build-up. The web back also distributes weight evenly and provides the perfect level of back support for added comfort to the person seating.

Because of its web back material, it may stretch and loosen overtime. Nevertheless, there should be no problem, mesh office chairs have built-in web tension knob for easy tightening. Adjust it as often as your body requires with no problem.

Mesh office chairs range from executive series, ergonomic series, professional series with headrest, computer chairs and deluxe manager’s series. This means that for the workforce, what ever your position may be, you can experience the comfort and durability that mesh office chairs can offer.

Comfort, safety and efficiency are at work in every mesh office chair. Price varies as varied as the uses for these chairs. You can choose from among the wide variety of products and manufacturers depending on your budget.

Mesh Office Chair Brands

Herman Miller’s Aeron office chair is a classic example of the mesh office chair. It has the web back design and the elegance of aluminum frame. It is the best selling Herman Miller chair plus a back support that promotes health and well-being.

Office Star 3700 is another mesh office chair built for hard working managers. It has thick pad contour seat and built-in lumbar support for added comfort. Two to one synchro tilt control with adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock.

Chairworks 9866ZH Mesh office chair additionally conforms to the concept of mesh office chair. It is a mesh high back, with knee tilt mechanism, adjustable lumbar support and contoured seat cushion.

Ergonomics concept of comfort, safety, efficiently and productivity counts a lot in the workplace. Additionally, the introduction of mesh office chair with lumbar back support spell the difference in the stressful and demanding workplace of this century.

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