When Buying Leather Office Chairs

If you’re looking for an office chair and want that sleek look, it is therefore advisable to buy a leather office chair. However, if you’re working in a rather humid or hot place, a leather office chair is simply not advisable. But if you insists on buying that leather office chair that you’ve been lusting for all this time, well then go ahead and buy it but first consider the following information before you barge into the store and demand for the most expensive leather office chair that they have.

Leather office chairs are usually made for the executive, so you’d find it hard to find one that is cheap. But just because leather office chairs are made for executives and that they are expensive doesn’t mean that they provide all the comforts.

Leather office chairs can be quite stuffy in humid environments so before you buy one make sure that your office is in a well ventilated palace or else you’ll end up with pants soaking wet with sweat especially if you’re going to sit in it for a while.

Next to look at is support, particularly, lumbar support. If you’re one of those people who aren’t used to sitting up straight, you should find a leather office chair that encourages you to sit up straight. Lumbar support is essential in this part because all your upper body weight is supported in your lumbar or lower back area when you sit and if you’re planning on sitting for several hours, a leather office chair with good lower back support will be a great investment.

After making sure of support, look at the size of the leather office chair that you are going to buy. Test it, sit on it for as long as you can, at least about 30 minutes if the sales guy allows you that much so that you could be sure that you’ll feel comfortable no matter how long you sit on it. And while you’re at it, make sure that there is at least one inch distance between your thighs and the edge of the seat.

You won’t want your tush hanging out there, would you? Look also at the chairs controls. Are they easy to reach? Does the chair have a proper reclining position for you? Also make sure that you check the arm rests of the leather office chair. Compare it to the height of your desk and make sure that it has cushions so you won’t hurt your arms.

Now that you’re sure that the chair you’ve chosen is all comfy and ready to go, before paying for it, ask if you can get a discount either as a special bonus of your credit card, through coupons or through bulk. Leather office chairs, or office chairs in general, have a very competitive market and I’m quite sure that the sales person you are talking to would go down even just a bit to make sure that they sell you that leather office chair.

Now that you’ve reduced the price, ask about repairs. Chairs usually have warranties for repair and parts. If it doesn’t have a warranty then don’t buy it. Leather office chairs are expensive and buying a new one once yours tears or get broken is not really an option.

Once you’ve done everything above this paragraph and have decided you still want to go ahead and buy that dream chair of yours, you can now cough up the big moolah and buy yourself your leather office chair.

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