Looking for Some Big and Tall Office Chairs?

Big and tall office chairs are made for, as you can guess from their classification, big and tall people. Usually, the office chairs out in the market are made for the average sized person. However, there are people whose sizes are over average and this is exactly what big and tall office chairs are for.

Big and tall office chairs are designed for essentially tall people who, though adjustable chairs exist, still do not fit in them. For those overly large people there are certain manufacturers that have designed big and tall office chairs which can accommodate not only the large vertical size or the person but also the additional weight that a tall person usually has.

Big and tall office chairs are most often built to last and often come with warranties that last for up to 12 years or sometimes even more depending on the manufacturer. However, quality and durability does come at a price and because of it’s large size, big and tall office chairs range from $500 to up to $5000 which is a rather high price considering that normal office chairs come at as low as $100. However, it is not wise to sit on a office chair that is not tailored for your size so if you’re a big person, better buy a big and tall office chair, unless you’d want to sit in agony every time.

One thing to look for in buying a big and tall office chair is its rating. Most office chairs are rated either by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association or the American national Standards Institute (BIFMA/ANSI). These are rating bodies that test office chairs for durability and comfort, a higher rate is a sign of high quality.

The next thing to do if you’re looking to buy a big and tall office chair is comfort. Try sitting on the chair for a few minutes and see if you develop slight pain especially in the lower back. This could be a sign of an ineffective back support. Since the lower back supports the torso, this part receives the most pressure when we sit. This is also the part that almost always hurts first whenever we sit for long periods. You’d want a chair that has good lower back support to avoid lower back pains which are usually associated with prolonged sitting.

When buying big and tall office chairs, try them out first. Remember, an averaged size person must never buy a big and tall office chair for another person. It is essential that the user try out the office chair that he /she is buying before actually paying for it. By trying the chair out, for a few minutes, you will find the most comfortable chair for you. As everybody has unique body contours, some office chairs that might be comfortable enough for some might be torture for another.

After trying the chair out, make sure that there is at least a one inch distance between the lap and the edge of the chair. If the chair isn’t adjustable, make sure that when you sit on it you’re legs are flat on the floor. The edge of the chair should also have a round enough edge to relieve stress and pressure behind the knees.

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  1. steve

    great idea try out chairs.
    where do you do that?
    when was last time anyone saw a big and tall office furniture store in their area.
    Only place to go now days is office max,office depot and a few other common stores all offering crap who all claime to sell ergonomic chairs.

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