Office Chair Part Buying Guide

Office chairs don’t actually last forever. Even the highest of quality office chairs get broken. Office chairs are an integral part of everybody’s office life. We spend most of our work days sitting in office chairs and when the time does come when the office chair you are using gives up on you entirely, it’s probably high time you replace it right? NOT! As we all must know, office chairs don’t just cost a few bucks. Office chairs cost a lot of money to be just replaced every time it breaks down which is why you should know the magic of buying office chair parts.

Office chair parts have saved and lengthened the lives of office chairs and you probably haven’t heard of it. Maybe you just buy a new one whenever your office chair breaks down but if you’re tight on budget, it is rally more economical to just buy the office chair part that you’ll need to replace on you’re broken chair rather than buying a whole new chair.

So how would you know when to buy office chair parts? First, if your office chair starts to get uncomfortable, look for flaws especially on the moving parts like the gas spring, that lifts or lowers the chair or maybe the swivel part that lets the chair twist and turn. The wheels of the chair are the part that most often gets damaged and most especially the back rest if the chair which with repeated sue usually gets out of angle.

Office chair parts are usually hard to find especially because manufacturers would like you to buy the new office chairs instead of just repairing yours. But the gas springs, if yours has one, is offered but most office chair parts sales stores. However, it is not advisable to use office chair parts that aren’t of the same brand as the office chair you are using.

Although these office chair parts may have be made for several office chair models, it is still a good decision to find an office chair part that is made by the manufacturer of your office chair. Or if you can’t find one with the same manufacturer, at least find an office chair part that is was built specifically for your office chair model.

Other office chair parts like the wheel and the adjustment handle for gas chamber springs are easy to find. These are mostly available at your local stores as these are the office chair parts that mostly get damaged after just a short period of use. But even if these are common parts, still be careful of the items that you are buying. Make sure that the parts fit your chair.

It’s good if you can bring your office chair with you to the store or if you can ask for sample to try it out on your own office chair. Some stores actually arrange their office chair parts according to which part can be used for a particular model so you could ask the dealer about this when you do buy. If you’re buying off the Internet, it’s good to buy from somewhere that you trust and search for parts in terms of your office chair model so you wont have trouble installing the parts.

If you can’t find the office chair part you’re looking for at your local store, you can always find some office chair parts from rummage sales or flea markets especially the arm and back rest parts which are relatively hard to find.

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