Ergonomic Office Chairs: How They’re Changing the Way You Work

By now you must be used to office chairs that look much like a skeleton which simply has the simple buttons, arm rest and if you’re lucky, a tilt feature. These office chairs, as they say are, outdated. Although this might not seem applicable to chairs, after all as long as something catches your tush, it’s a chair. Unfortunately, that is not the case. A chair, especially an office chair, should provide support as well as comfort to the person using it which is why the term ergonomic office chair has been coined.

What is an ergonomic office chair you ask? An ergonomic office chair is designed to promote good posture, good support and most importantly comfort for the user. Ergonomic office chairs range from not so radical to very radical ones but no matter how they look, ergonomic office chairs have but one aim: to improve the sitting experience of the user.

In the office, people sit in office chairs for 5-10 hours a day. Unless you prefer to work standing, that office chair becomes your second home when you are in the office. To better understand the purpose of Ergonomic office chairs, let us first define the word Ergonomics. Ergonomics, or what they call human engineering, is an applied science that deals with the proper design and arrangement of items and people so that both may interact efficiently.

The above definition was applied in the office to produce those that we now call ergonomic office chairs. These chairs give better support as well as handling for users which make their work more efficient as well as more comfortable.

Although most ergonomic office chairs in use today look normal there are a few ergonomic office chairs that were taken out of the ordinary. All of course, in the name of health and comfort.

One of these so called alternative ergonomic office chairs is the kneeling chair. There is no back to this chair because you wont be able to use it. The chair slants forward which leads the back and spine to rest in their natural position thus creating good posture. This position also aligns the back, shoulder and neck while simultaneously moves the hips forward promoting better posture as well as comfort. In this position induced by the Kneeling ergonomic chair, the weight is distributed equally between the pelvis and the knees which reduces stress on the spine and helps ease the tension in the lower back, the shape of the chair helps the user gain good posture effortlessly.

The next alternative ergonomic chair is the exercise ball chair. If you know Pilates exercises, this chair might give you the feeling of a Pilates exercise ball although this ergonomic office chair is very different from those used in Pilates. This ergonomic office chair gives room for movement. The bouncing keeps the legs as well as the body moving, promoting blood circulation. These balls come in different sizes for different people. Some even have wheel attachments for easier handling.

Ever seen a horse saddle? Well, this is how the next ergonomic chair is like. It is shaped like a horse saddle and when you use it your legs are spread apart positioning you in a cross of a sitting and standing position. Some say that as you come to use these types of chairs your lower back is strengthened. This is because this chair discourages the user to slouch forward.

These types of ergonomic office chairs of course also come in different sizes.

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