Healthwise as You Are – Settle For an Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomics is a term that implies comfort and ease of use. Ergonomic products are designed and crafted with the utmost comfort being on top of all possible considerations. Consequently, ergonomic products are enormously helpful in inhibiting injuries related to improper body alignment. As for a workplace, ergonomics is an applied science of designing office furniture and equipment with the intention of taking full advantage of workforce productivity through the reduction of personnel’s fatigue and discomfort. Thereby, manufacturers of office furniture started to engineer ergonomic office chair designed with definite features making the seat occupant more comfortable compared to a standard office chair. Ergonomic office chair is great for individuals sitting for prolonged hours during work hours either in regular offices or home offices.

Ergonomic office chair is imperative in today’s technological environment of offices with people sitting for long periods. These are the workforce who is highly at risk for back disorders and related health hazards. Proper ergonomic office chair that is comfortable and seat-friendly can dramatically enhance a person’s work productivity and will apparently lessen employee’s downtime. From the static posture, a dynamic seating posture is thereby promoted by the engineered construction of the ergonomic office chair thus keeping the occupant away from getting muscle cramps and tensions.

Ergonomic office chair is designed to allow an occupant to have adequate movement and support from the lower back to the shoulder blades. The seat occupant is able to adjust the height of the ergonomic office chair while seated placing the feet straight on the floor and attaining appropriate work surface height. Strain on the back is reduced as all possible seat positions are permitted. Moreover, it support and follow user’s movement. In addition to all these benefits, any compression of the back is avoided as ergonomic office chair allows the knees to be slightly lower than the hips and comfortably supports the pelvis.

The engineered backrest angle adjustability of an ergonomic office chair is capable of supporting various recline degrees. Ergonomic chair’s back rest has more weight and less on spinal discs, reclined sitting position is said to be healthier than an upright position. Actually, upright position with 90 degrees position of the hips is unhealthy for intervertebral discs. More healthy positions are supported by an ergonomic office chair with level seats and reclined backrests. Angle is also increased between the torso and the thighs causing lower back to curve inward thus less pressure is put on the back discs.

Reclining and tilt position is permitted by ergonomic office chair, allowing the occupant to change the angle of the entire seat relative to the floor. Consequently, some of the upper body weight is transferred to the backrest of the chair. Backrest gentle curve shape of this office chair fitting the curve of the spine provides lumbar support which prevents the flattening of the lumbar spine occurring in most seated individuals. Armrests of an ergonomic office chair are designed to support the arms and trim down the work on the shoulders and upper arms. Some weight of the upper body is taken from the discs, as well.

Acting as a natural extension of the body, ergonomic office chair provides balance and support in maintaining a proper posture. Proper posture as it is currently defined by ergonomists is the ability to move into various positions or dynamic posture. The rhythmic interplay between muscular contraction and relaxation which occur with every forward and backward move results to a good posture for the individual. Ergonomic office chair permits posture change which seems to be an important factor related to intervertebral discs in the spine. Posture change is essential in helping the fluid to be pumped back into the discs since it looses fluid over the course of the day.

Height and width adjustable armrests are considered to be a factor in determining a well designed ergonomic office chair since it enormously helps in steering clear of elevated shoulders and pressure on elbow and forearms undersides problems. Such problems are caused by too high, slouching armrests or leaning to one side caused by too low rests. Splayed elbows may be also avoided as ergonomic office chair permits change in distance between armrests.

With all the comfort and health support that you can get from ergonomic office chair, expect that it is priced high compared to standard office chairs. Ergonomic chairs are expensive because of the special paddings used so that it holds the shape of the chair and continually provide cushioning throughout your prolonged sitting. However, the health benefits that it can provide you is far more important than saving your money for other things. It is therefore best to spend your money wisely for an ergonomic office chair than any office chair of different sort.

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