How to Buy Office Chairs

Office chairs support your tush for at least seven hours a day when you’re working, typing, reading, eating (and sometimes even sleeping!), your chair is always there supporting you. Now, before you start crying and telling your chair all your life’s problems, you have to buy one first. And just as I said, your office chair is probably one of the most used furniture in your office, so you’d better find something that suits you well.

First an office chair should be comfortable. You don’t want to buy an office chair and end up throwing it in the dumpster after a few days because of the nagging pain in your back just got worse. Choose an office char that supports your back and makes you feel comfortable. First you’ve got to try it on. Never ever buy an office chair that you haven’t sat on. That would be a very big mistake. Even if it is called ergonomic, each and every person is different and these differences should be taken into account.

If, however, you are buying office chairs for a company and knowing that its impossible for each and every employee to choose his/her own chair, you can buy chairs that are adjustable. Take note however, that the more adjustable the office chair is, the more expensive it costs.

If, again, you are buying office chairs for your company, try buying from contract quality commercial chairs, those that make them in bulk. Why, you say? This is because although every chair comes with a limited time warranty. When you get to buy a home office chair and have warranty issues, you’ll have to part with your chair and might probably be forced to work standing until it is returned to you. However, with contractual suppliers, they do not leave you standing. They’ll take care of you during warranty issues and replace your chair, at least for the meantime so you or your employees wont have to stand while doing your work.

When you are inquiring about office chairs, try to ask the salesperson if they have in-house trials which lets you test out the chairs that they will supply you in your own office. Just like sitting on the chair, you’ll also have to see if the chair agrees with the environment that you’ll be putting it in. In-house trials lets you test out a few of the chairs before you buy the whole lot.

When buying an office chair, ask about its Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association and the American national Standards Institute (BIFMA/ANSI) rating. These organizations do a series of tests on samples of the office chairs you’re buying and rate them. A higher rating is roughly the equivalent of the chair’s quality.

Always check the fabric in the office chair you are thinking of buying. Look at the fabric’s durability and application in your office. Don’t use leather if your office is humid or hot, also make sure that the fabric being used in your chair is of high quality. The best for offices are those that are stain resistant and have good airflow especially on those hot days. Some companies even let you choose the fabric for your chair.

Last but not the least, ask for discounts. Most companies offer discounts for large orders especially if their competition has already offered you one. Ask if they offer discounts or special offers when you buy bulk.

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