Employee Productivity and Reclining Office Chairs

Did you know that in the United State absenteeism and decrease in productivity lost 31.3 Billion Dollars? In the United Kingdom, they lost five Billion Sterling Pounds a year due to the same reason. The cause of these huge losses is simple, yet economically damaging, sickness and invalidity due to back pains.

Back pains, can it be that damaging? Yes. Statistics show that 20% of the employed population in these two countries constitutes office workers. About 2% of the workforce suffers from work related back pains, ranging from soreness to the development of musculoskeletal disorders that can cause invalidity.

Health and Safety Commission took to the heart the science of ergonomics to arrest this issue. In compliance thereto, manufacturer’s development office chairs that meet if not surpass the ergonomics requirement.

Reclining Office Chairs and various office chair designs with reclining options are then developed. This will help office workers rest their back and their feet even at the confines of their office rooms. There are also reclining office chairs with ottoman options to add comfort to person sitting. Waterfall front edge and lumbar support adds to the superb design and comfort. Correct sitting position and relaxation including the armrest may help even those with pre-existing back problems.

Two Categories of Office Worker

Dedicated Function Employees – there are those who are need to sit the whole day going about their duties including telemarketers, encoders and switchboard operators. These employees therefore cannot move around a lot, reclining office chair will definitely be helpful to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) that can be vital in the performance of their duties.

However, merely sitting in a reclining office chair may not be enough to ensure that they will not loose the 10% productivity ratio; they need to sit properly and comfortably. Moving around using the swivel capacity of the reclining office chair may also be of big help.

Multi-Function Employees – these are employees that perform varied tasks including managers, secretaries and clerks to name a few. They move around the office going about their various responsibilities. However, since part of their work include attending meetings that can take long hours, reclining office chairs will help relieve the stress these employees may feel during these meetings. Although the risk of RSI may be minimal, it is stress that reclining office chair arrests in the multi-functional employees. Once stressed, they can relax for fifteen minutes, after that they can be as good a new and can go about the day more productively.

Employees cannot escape the fact that stress floods a typical working day. Nevertheless, if your employees are prepared to manage stress and are comfortably working with the use of their reclining office chair, they will be able to think well and productivity follows.

Office Work and Seating

As the current trend of voluminous workload for the globally competitive office, employers cannot afford to loose 2% of its sales force at any one time, even the 10% decrease in productivity will hamper the organization’s success. Reclining office chairs are available in varied designs following the science of ergonomics. Ergonomically designed reclining office chairs are built for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use, especially in the workplace. Sitting comfortably adds to the productivity and comfort of employees especially those dedicated function employees.

Additionally, correct sitting posture diminishes risk of accidents and incidence of back pains. When your employees are comfortably working, the progress of your business will definitely be on its way to your doors.

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