How To Properly Select Office Desk Chairs

Recurring lower back pain is the most recognized musculoskeletal disorder (MSD). MSD and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) have been known to be the major cause of absence from work. These absences have cost the country’s economy as much as 31.3 Billion Dollar average each year.

Employers can avoid these losses by taking advantage of the modern manufacturing process of office furniture and office desk chairs. Back pains can be prevented or relieved by choosing comfortable office desk chairs that follow the ergonomic requirements set by the government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA has been serious in ensuring safe and health promoting office environment, as a proof of which, they have ordered the recall of 18,000 office chairs sold all around the United States in September 2004. This move is in agreement with the manufacturer of those chairs themselves.

Features of Well-Designed Office Desk Chair

Essential requirements set by OSHA for well-designed office desk chair are as follows:

– It should have a back support that follow the natural ‚S‘ shape of the spinal column.
– It should have a waterfall design front edge that promotes proper blood circulation in the legs.
– It should provide comfort for users including those with disabilities and pregnant women.
– It should help users adopt a safe and efficient working position, dependable caster and swivel will help ensure this requirement.
– It should be easily adjusted in both seat height and the height-and-tilt of seat back that suits the range of different working positions.

These important features of office desk chair follow the government’s requirement for safety and healthy working condition. They also ensure comfort and efficient working environment for users. Following these essential requirements for office desk chairs have proven to be productive and efficient for employees.

Manufacturers have various designs, colors and shapes for office desk chair that can blend in any office theme and color scheme. These modern designs also promote a dependable working condition and productive input from employees.

It is suggested that in deciding the type of office desk chair for employees, purchaser should try them in the stores for the feel of comfort that promotes efficiency. This will avoid buying beautifully designed but uncomfortable seating during actual use of the office desk chair.

Choosing a well-designed and ergonomic office desk chair is one thing in ensuring safety and efficiency in the office. Conscious effort from the employee to sit properly can help in ensuring they will not fall prey to back pains and ill posture. Stretching their finger, arms and torso is another thing in ensuring they will not have to worry about back pains. Additionally, static position may be harmful; it is advisable to stand from your office desk chair once every hour.

By following the suggestions in this article, employers can ensure that their employees will not have unscheduled absences caused by office desk chair back pain. Training on the proper usage of their office desk chair and safety tips may be an added advantage for employers who wants to have more productive employees and less sickness absences.

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