Grahl Synchron: Humanistic Ergonomics

If you were to sum up the features of Synchron collection in one sentence, it would have to be this: it’s a leaner version of the much-applauded Synchromatic series.

Three chairs are featured in this particular collection, the best of the lot being the Synchron 5 because it has four available armrest options (Synchron 8 has only 2) and it has an attractive color, relatively speaking (both Synchron 7 and Synchron 8 are jet black and plainer-looking). If anything, these three chairs share a similar shape and most of its brag-worthy features.

Grahl  Synchron 8 Office Chair
The appearance of Synchron chairs are basically sympathetic to the human physique, something you could definitely imagine resting your entire body to. Although not exactly what you might consider as extremely attractive, the Synchron chairs are comfy enough for long-term sitting, and that particular aura is emanated just from the mere looks of it.

Like other Grahl chairs, you would find that tempur foams come with an additional price. If you are a pragmatic person, you might as well live without the foam and enjoy the chairs anyway.

Along with this humanistic approach to seating, you could definitely expect human-friendly features to come with it. Movement, for one thing, is tolerated by Synchron chairs because it leaves ample adjustment for tilting and rocking. It automatically adjusts to the user’s weight and can lock itself up at any given angle that the user may choose from. So whether you choose to face North, East, West or South of your office perimeter while you are seated in this jewel of an ergonomic chair, you would definitely now have any hassle with it.

You can also have the base options of Y-base and five-star base, the Y-star having safety brake casters to keep you from slipping out of control. Aside from that, you can assure yourself of a rested neck with its uniquely shaped neck rest that is appropriately placed for your crown to lay its entire weight on. The only question to this is in the flexibility to accommodate users of different torso lengths. Both Synchron 5 and Synchron 7 contain the option of enabling or disabling the neck rest, which makes the Synchron 8 less flexible when it comes to terms to that. One may be too tall or short for the customized back height. Let’s just hope that the depth adjustments would well take care of it.

The black coated powder steel frame not only lends a touch of elegance, but ensures that it will last long and endure enough pressure that you might be able to subject your chair to. This particular chair seemingly supports more of one’s natural seating position and posture rather than correct poor ones which may be found in some working men or women. The tilt adjustments is expected to take care of any horizontal movements you might think of making while seated on this chair. The weakest link among the three would definitely have to be Synchron 8, because it has less room for adjustments that could cater to various user preferences that may come up from time to time.

All in all, this Synchron collection is a much more biologically upbeat and exciting-looking chair, although in some ways, its feature pales in comparison to the synchromatic collection that was also manufactured and distributed by Grahl. But if you’re tired of looking at chairs which don’t generally embrace the human upper body shape, you might enjoy owning one of the chairs featured in this collection for quite a time.

Own this chair? How would you rate it? Please add your comments and let us know what you think!


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  2. Cory Chamberlain

    My previous employer purchased this chair for me after my second c-spine surgery. It is a great chair. They wouldnt let me take it with me. So now I need a new one but dont know where to purchase it. I was able to work through the day pain free. Can you help me?

  3. Administrator Beitragsautor

    As far as I know, the Synchron 8 is no longer available on the regular market – I suggest you search eBay or try calling Grahl directly: 888-289-4724,

  4. chair office

    I’ve sat on one just like this before, they are really comfy and you can sit in one for hours and they still feel good. Not sure about the design though, not to my taste.

  5. Shed Leung

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    Now we have 3 designers,so we will issue new products to markets about every two months.OEM is also accepted by us.

    If you are interested in more information, please feel free to send me an email. I will be happy to service you.

    Admin edit: Yeah right, Shed. This is exactly the kind of comment I’d like to see on this blog. Approved as a warning to others who think their blatant advertising would slip through. Go waste your time elsewhere, thanks.

  6. larry martins

    Hi, I’m Larry Martins, I’d like to know if you carry office chairs for sale? If so, please email me back with a price quote for the Relax Master Massage Chairs, I’d be happy to do business with you! Hope to hear from you soon, Larry Martins

  7. Administrator Beitragsautor

    No office chairs for sale on this site, Larry – this site is dedicated to office chair reviews only (you know, just like this one on the Grahl Synchron) , sorry. To find office chair suppliers, simply check out some of the links on this page. Cheers

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