Why Home Office Chairs are so Expensive

Sometimes, in our busy schedules and the tons of work that we have to do in the office, it is unavoidable for us to bring home the work we do. For some of us, work is at home and a home office is indispensable. For those people with home offices who spend much time in working in their desks, you’ll most likely be found sitting on your home office chair whenever you work. Home office chairs are a very important part of a worker especially during those long sessions in front of the computer as well as the long thinking times, phone conversations, brainstorming and any other stuff that we might have to do while sitting.

Having said this, we know how important a home office chair is and how much time we spend sitting on it. It’s therefore no wonder most home office chairs cost a lot. Averaged sized home office chairs cost around $100 to $500. The higher priced ones for lavish executive office chairs. Although I doubt any average person would buy a home office chair for $5000, the lowest cost that is $100 is still a lot of money to pay for an office chair and I’m sure you’d want to know just why office chairs cost that much.

Home office chairs are especially designed and studied. Home office chairs aren’t just built and sold. There was a lot of research and testing before a certain model of home office chair reaches the market. This is especially true for those higher priced ones like Herman Miller, which take pride in making one of the most comfortable and ergonomic office chairs around.

But what is ergonomics and why do you hear it every time you’re buying office furniture? Ergonomics is the study of the spatial placement of objects for optimum efficiency. This is exactly what is implemented on the most expensive office chairs. This is applied in terms of making the home office chair that as comfortable and adjustable as can be.

Home office chairs cost so much because of the ergonomics put into the office chair before it was first released. Most ergonomic office chairs are designed for good lower back, or lumbar support, which is the part of the body that experiences the most pressure when we are sitting. The lower back supports half of the body and sitting down gives it more pressure standing up. Try sitting on a block of wood for 4 hours and I’ll bet you’ll be massaging that back of yours in no time. This is the special thing a bout ergonomic home office chairs, they provide good support.

And if you’ll look closely at the home office chairs that are sold today, you’ll find that most of them are adjustable, especially in terms of height. There was a time when there was just one office chair for everyone. Now home office chairs are designed to be adjustable to fit anyone who would use it which has enabled bulk buyers to buy the same design for different people. This concept is also applied in home office chairs, which are basically the same as a normal office chair.

So the next time you’re saying that home office chair is too expensive, ask yourself if you’d trade painless work hours for a slightly lighter wallet.

When Looking for Discount Office Chairs

Everybody these days use office chairs. Students, employees, bosses, employers and almost everybody else that has to work in front of a computer or a desk. Office chairs, although very well used and needed, do not come very cheap even with the high demands. This is because most office chairs of today are deigned to last, may they be used frequently or sparingly. Today’s office chairs are expensive simply because they are of quality. Although there are cheaper ones, the more you pay the better the quality.

However, for those of us who do not have the budget nor the spare time to really look into the relation of price and quality, there are always discount office chairs around. Remember, discount office chairs doesn’t necessarily mean used and discount office chairs also doesn’t necessarily mean they are of low quality. Most of the time, discount office chairs are very good quality especially if you’re buying them brand new.

Discount office chairs don’t necessarily become discounted because they are damaged, although this is true for other discounted or sale items. Sometimes, discount office chairs are marked down because sometimes they are out of style. Now, if you’re not really particular about style but are very particular in terms of budget, you should find discount office chairs that are of this type. But of course, just because it’s out of style and marked down doesn’t mean it essentially doesn’t have any damages. Look for tears and scratches, especially technical problems like a rough swivel or too much tilt. Sit in the office chair and make sure these are okay. And if you do find some defects and learn that you can probably live with it, ask the dealer if they could further mark down the already discount office chair. Maybe you’ll end up paying even less.

For those discount office chairs that were discounted because they are slightly used, you should also look for damages. Although these discounted office chairs that you’ll come to find might probably have very little damage, it’s still safe, not to mention smart to test drive it. You don’t want the chair to fall from under you whole you’re sitting on it. And as said in the previous paragraph, if you find a defect, you might be able to use it as a discount leverage.

When buying discount office chairs, it’s not enough that it’s cheap. Look also at the office chair. Does it fit you? Are you comfortable sitting in it? When inspecting a discount office chair, you should always look for the things that you would normally look at when you’re buying normal priced chairs.

First, look if it’s ergonomic. Nowadays discount office chairs are mostly those that are not styled ergonomically, be careful of this. Ergonomics is very important especially in office chairs. You don’t want to spend a third of your day sitting on a block of wood don’t you? The discount office chair should have good lower back support. Your feet should rest on the floor while you’re sitting. If it doesn’t, try looking if it has adjust ability features so that you could adjust the height. Also look if it tilts. Tilting office chairs move with the user if he or she leans forward or back. This enables the backrest to support your back, whatever your position is.

Safety and Comfort with Mesh Office Chairs

Did you know how serious is the government in imposing safety in the workplace? A concrete manifestation is the Recall made by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in September 2004 of the 18,000 units of Executive Office Chairs manufactured by Gruga, U.S.A. Manufacturers should be diligent in conforming to the ergonomic standards of comfort, safety, efficiency and productivity because this is a government requirement.

Safety and comfort of employees spell economic growth and the government is serious in imposing its safety rules and regulations. Comfort on the other hand helps employees to be productive thus progress is inevitable. Modern offices that use computer and other modern gadgets including video conferencing facility keeps the organization’s officers and employees seated for long hours. This may cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), back pains and lumbar strains.

In response to this, modern innovation in seating has introduced to the market, the Mesh Office Chairs. The Mesh office chairs are in contemporary designs that maintain comfort and quality. Mesh office chairs use mesh screen back. The mesh screen back supports the natural curve of the spine and increase breathability. You can move freely in a Mess office chair, which can minimize the risk of RSI.

Various office chair designers incorporate this unique concept of using mesh material, interwoven threads that allow air to pass through. Mesh office chairs are manifestation of the effectivity of the government’s standard of ergonomics. Mesh material used for the back of the chair prevents body heat and moisture build-up. The web back also distributes weight evenly and provides the perfect level of back support for added comfort to the person seating.

Because of its web back material, it may stretch and loosen overtime. Nevertheless, there should be no problem, mesh office chairs have built-in web tension knob for easy tightening. Adjust it as often as your body requires with no problem.

Mesh office chairs range from executive series, ergonomic series, professional series with headrest, computer chairs and deluxe manager’s series. This means that for the workforce, what ever your position may be, you can experience the comfort and durability that mesh office chairs can offer.

Comfort, safety and efficiency are at work in every mesh office chair. Price varies as varied as the uses for these chairs. You can choose from among the wide variety of products and manufacturers depending on your budget.

Mesh Office Chair Brands

Herman Miller’s Aeron office chair is a classic example of the mesh office chair. It has the web back design and the elegance of aluminum frame. It is the best selling Herman Miller chair plus a back support that promotes health and well-being.

Office Star 3700 is another mesh office chair built for hard working managers. It has thick pad contour seat and built-in lumbar support for added comfort. Two to one synchro tilt control with adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock.

Chairworks 9866ZH Mesh office chair additionally conforms to the concept of mesh office chair. It is a mesh high back, with knee tilt mechanism, adjustable lumbar support and contoured seat cushion.

Ergonomics concept of comfort, safety, efficiently and productivity counts a lot in the workplace. Additionally, the introduction of mesh office chair with lumbar back support spell the difference in the stressful and demanding workplace of this century.

The Office Chair – Your Home Away From Home

A room is nude and bare without anything inside so as with an office space without any office equipment. Furnitures like desks, office chairs and file cabinets complete the outlook of what an office should look like.

Office settings are in a state of constant change every now and then. Particularly in today’s technological office environment supported with computer units. Most importantly, office design and appearance must be the main concern with regards to having a clean and visually appealing workplace both for employer and employees alike. Office is considered to be the second home to employees.

Hence, it should be the place with the comfort similar to their home. Of course, as an employer you don’t want your employee to be always in a rush of leaving the workplace. Every office employee is eager to go home for the simple reason that the office make them feel like a prisoner. However, such emotional concerns may be overcome by the way your office setting is extensively done delivering comfort like their home.

The workplace has reflective impact on the company’s way of life. Efficiency and appearance are the utmost impact that is immediately taken by employees. It is significantly appreciated if the office design brings about eagerness to work and excitement to employees. It is as well helpful to employees if they are entering into a clean and visually appealing workplace since this will make them feel more professional as well as comfortable.

Objectively, an office is getting operational with the goal of getting profits. However, before the anything else, it is a reality that the company has to purchase high quality office furnitures. You may have observed that a big company wisely spend big amounts for their office furniture as it is considered as part of their company image.

On the other hand, mid range companies purchase office furniture in a budgetary quotation. You may observe it even with the desk and office chair that an ordinary employee and an office manager or any high ranking employee occupies.

With known huge companies, you may observe that the only difference of the high rank company official between regular company employees is the room space that he/she is dwelling in. Nevertheless, desk, office chair and cabinets are somehow the same. Variation in office chair whether its brand or durability quality occupied by a boss or ordinary employee does not matter since almost all office furniture of a huge company is purchased and supplied by a single manufacturer or distributor.

Work production quality that comes from working elements such as ease and comfort provided by the work space and office chair is among the most important considerations big companies have. Big companies usually don’t consider creating a gap between employees and employer in matters such as who gets to seat an expensive office chair and who doesn’t.

Believing that work efficiency of the employees is of foremost importance, the company believes that it is beneficial to purchase high end office chair and other office furniture despite its high price rates. Fortunately, they get to have discounts since furniture dealers offer great discounts if office chair, cabinet and desk are made in bulk purchase.

As to regular offices of mostly a one room office space occupant and with more than five employees, it is only the boss who gets the most comfort since his/her office chair is evidently different from the rest. This is for the reason that the company is purchasing inexpensive office equipment particularly office chair because of low budget.

Moreover, the company desires only to get their business into the market while not taking into account the production that a comfortable employee might deliver. Tendency is that the boss gets a foamed, relaxing and comfortable office chair while others get to seat on plastic or wooden office chair. As in the most cases of today’s regular offices, plastic chairs introduced in the market as alternative to wooden office chair are widely used. Comparatively, this kind of office chair lacks the comfort that a foamed seat offers.

Literally, office chair is a home away from home. Employees spend 8 hours or more a day seated at office chairs accomplishing his/her task for the day. Office chair appears to be the most hospitable and accommodating office furniture there is. In spite of this, continued studies concerning office chair with relation to our health are being conducted.

It is the concern of crafting an office chair not only with marketable and comfortable quality but also with the health support and adjustability that is required by our body. New concerns relating to health has come to be the top consideration in engineering the kind of office chair which is a perfect support for a healthy and effective work performance.

When Buying Leather Office Chairs

If you’re looking for an office chair and want that sleek look, it is therefore advisable to buy a leather office chair. However, if you’re working in a rather humid or hot place, a leather office chair is simply not advisable. But if you insists on buying that leather office chair that you’ve been lusting for all this time, well then go ahead and buy it but first consider the following information before you barge into the store and demand for the most expensive leather office chair that they have.

Leather office chairs are usually made for the executive, so you’d find it hard to find one that is cheap. But just because leather office chairs are made for executives and that they are expensive doesn’t mean that they provide all the comforts.

Leather office chairs can be quite stuffy in humid environments so before you buy one make sure that your office is in a well ventilated palace or else you’ll end up with pants soaking wet with sweat especially if you’re going to sit in it for a while.

Next to look at is support, particularly, lumbar support. If you’re one of those people who aren’t used to sitting up straight, you should find a leather office chair that encourages you to sit up straight. Lumbar support is essential in this part because all your upper body weight is supported in your lumbar or lower back area when you sit and if you’re planning on sitting for several hours, a leather office chair with good lower back support will be a great investment.

After making sure of support, look at the size of the leather office chair that you are going to buy. Test it, sit on it for as long as you can, at least about 30 minutes if the sales guy allows you that much so that you could be sure that you’ll feel comfortable no matter how long you sit on it. And while you’re at it, make sure that there is at least one inch distance between your thighs and the edge of the seat.

You won’t want your tush hanging out there, would you? Look also at the chairs controls. Are they easy to reach? Does the chair have a proper reclining position for you? Also make sure that you check the arm rests of the leather office chair. Compare it to the height of your desk and make sure that it has cushions so you won’t hurt your arms.

Now that you’re sure that the chair you’ve chosen is all comfy and ready to go, before paying for it, ask if you can get a discount either as a special bonus of your credit card, through coupons or through bulk. Leather office chairs, or office chairs in general, have a very competitive market and I’m quite sure that the sales person you are talking to would go down even just a bit to make sure that they sell you that leather office chair.

Now that you’ve reduced the price, ask about repairs. Chairs usually have warranties for repair and parts. If it doesn’t have a warranty then don’t buy it. Leather office chairs are expensive and buying a new one once yours tears or get broken is not really an option.

Once you’ve done everything above this paragraph and have decided you still want to go ahead and buy that dream chair of yours, you can now cough up the big moolah and buy yourself your leather office chair.